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  1. Teas from 2012, A Look Back

    This tisane, named Christmas tea by the manufacturer is a fruit infusion, warmed with cinnamon and cardamom in time for the season. The cup, as you can see, is a cheery red.  Alas, there is no tea in the blend. Looking back over the preceding months, a few teas stand out. The recent arrival of [...]

  2. Re-Learning Fujian Black Teas (Part 3)

    After two rounds of tasting at a Black tea factory in northern Fujian, Golden Monkey was either the first or second on our group’s ranking of personal favorites.  This Black has gained some renown in recent years and it is easy to understand why. The tea is an immediate attention grabber with its generous proportion [...]

  3. Re-Learning Fujian Black Teas (Part 2)

    Continuing from the previous post, about a visit in Fujian… Dark from poor lighting, the Black tea factory and the machinery inside showed their age.  We, who by now had learned to recognize the function of some of the equipment, could readily see that these machines were quite dated.  Our attempts at polite conversation turned [...]

  4. Re-Learning Fujian Black Teas (Part 1)

    Provinces such as Sichuan and Hunan may have overtaken Fujian in quantities of teas produced, but in the context of specialty teas, Fujian holds a unique, unrivaled position.  Tea was eminently suited to the mountainous terrain defining many parts of this coastal province.  The many varietals that are made into Oolongs and the region’s specialization [...]

  5. Large Leaf, Small Leaf

    I had waited eagerly for the arrival of both Black teas; both sold out soon after.  They shared a Yunnan origin, and yet I had not thought of the two together until the stock had dwindled.   I knew soon after their arrival that new lots would not be available until later this year. Faced with [...]

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