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  1. It’s a pretty safe bet that a good number of visitors to China make tea purchases during their trips.  The package is compact, packs well, makes a good gift, and except for tea bricks and unless one gets carried away, tea usually isn’t too heavy. Teas are especially tempting after a visit to a tea garden [...]

  2. Earl Grey Pays the Rent

    Yesterday as I was speaking with a tea retailer, I happened to ask which Oolongs did best in his store, and learned that, in fact, the teas that pay the rent (his words) are English Breakfast and Earl Grey.  There are hard-core tea customers, but by and large, they return for these two Black teas. [...]

  3. A Tea Trajectory

    We had been tasting about a dozen or so Oolongs at a tea processing facility in Fujian, and as we were nearing the end of several rounds, a tea grower made a comment that has long stayed with me,  He remarked that people begin with Jasmine, move on to Green teas, then to Oolongs from southern [...]

  4. Decoding a Tin of Tea

    As I opened a black tin of Dragonwell Green to go with a sliver of moon cake, [this was drafted in September] I enjoyed the feel of the tea leaves in my fingertips: smooth, almost satiny, and uniform.  This tactile pleasure is a reminder of the experienced hands that worked drying the leaves against the [...]

  5. I don’t know about the reading habits of other people but when I read magazine or newspaper articles online, one topic leads to another and yet another, and the ease of clicking on links means I often end up quite a ways away from my original search.  And so it is with tea-related  browsing and [...]

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