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  1. Get Smart…About Tea Prices (Part 3)

    At the end of the previous post (Part 2), I concluded that for almost $50/lb, one could have a really top grade Jasmine leaf tea instead of the $48.95/lb Jasmine Pearls tea that turned out to be a poor choice, value-wise and flavor-wise.  If it is Jasmine Pearls you’re after, seek out a better quality [...]

  2. Get Smart…About Tea Prices (Part 2)

    In Part 1 I suggested a simple formula to calculate tea prices by the pound, if pricing is not presented by that unit, so that there is one standard for comparison shopping.  In that previous post I listed prices I found for Special Grade Gunpowder Green. As I mentioned in the introduction, for the most [...]

  3. Get Smart…About Tea Prices (Part 1)

    This post could also be titled “Sometimes You Don’t Need a Calculator & Sometimes the Price Is Too Good To Be True.”  It’s an easy thing to recognize when you have come upon a delicious tasting tea.  However, it’s often the case that recognizing good value is not as simple. Several days I ago I was [...]

  4. How to Buy TiKuanYin, Part 2

    After drafting Part 1 of this post, I stopped at a local tea shop to gather more pricing information about TiKuanYin teas.  (All the leaf teas in this shop are packed in tins or boxes.)  As it happened, I was the only customer at the time and once I expressed an interest in TiKuanYin, the [...]

  5. How To Buy Ti Kuan Yin

    The two teas shown here share the same name, Ti Kuan Yin, a premium Oolong, sometimes known as Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong. I’ve written quite a bit about this aromatic tea, about its processing, its flavor profile, and this Oolong is a favorite of many tea drinkers.  Mention TiKuanYin (hereafter TKY) to tea people [...]

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