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  1. Boring Teas, Challenging Teas

    Several weeks ago a friend shared three teas she had just received from Taiwan.  The quantities were small but inside the little zip-lock bags I could see that the teas were lightly oxidized Oolongs.  I was not given the tea names; I guessed from their appearance that they belonged to the High Mountain category.  Beyond [...]

  2. Teas for a Thanksgiving Get-Together

    Thanksgiving is coming.  Company is coming. Our guests know I am in the tea trade, so what teas to serve?  There are guests who delve deeply and enjoy the exploration, bringing home with them teas from overseas travel, sharing with me prized little foil packets.  Others are easier to please and are those welcome guests [...]

  3. Pomegranate White – Trendiness is All?

    For any company that develops flavors for tea blends and attuned to the latest trends, the continuing popularity of pomegranate must be particularly welcome.   A new example I saw today: gummy candy that has pomegranate and white tea!  What a felicitous pairing -  since both tea and pomegranates are high in anti-oxidants (a compound [...]

  4. I don’t know about the reading habits of other people but when I read magazine or newspaper articles online, one topic leads to another and yet another, and the ease of clicking on links means I often end up quite a ways away from my original search.  And so it is with tea-related  browsing and [...]

  5. Get Smart…About Tea Prices (Part 3)

    At the end of the previous post (Part 2), I concluded that for almost $50/lb, one could have a really top grade Jasmine leaf tea instead of the $48.95/lb Jasmine Pearls tea that turned out to be a poor choice, value-wise and flavor-wise.  If it is Jasmine Pearls you’re after, seek out a better quality [...]

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