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  1. It’s Jasmine Season!

    It is the end of June as I begin drafting this post, and the first round of scenting of Jasmine teas is finished in the provinces in China that produce this popular tea.  In southern California we are experiencing a heat wave during this last weekend in June, and when I catch myself muttering about [...]

  2. More on Shopping for (Tea) Pearls

    I have written posts previously about evaluating the quality of Jasmine Pearls tea.  As this undeniably appealing tea continues grow in popularity, prices appear to have fallen.  I see more samples coming in at prices one might have wished for in the past but knew to be unrealistic.  Just when I take delight in seeing [...]

  3. A Quick Tea Tutorial

    Occasionally someone will send me a tea for matching.  These three that came recently prodded me to write because two of them were clearly labeled as specific grades, and the yet the teas inside clearly were not up to standards indicated on the package. As we are at the cusp of a new year, the [...]

  4. Jasmine Teas, More Than Just + Flowers

    Festivities for the Year of the Dragon (falling on Jan. 23, 2012) are under way. This time of year presents certain challenges for finding some teas.  What seemed like bravely given orders  for Jasmine teas placed in late summer turned out to be a good hunch, but still falling short in some areas.  Stock needs to be [...]

  5. Jasmine…Just Beginning to Learn

    To extend the alliteration, June and July mean Jasmine (teas) for those are the months when the blooms appear.  What I expected would be a routine sampling left me with the realization of how much I had yet to learn about the scenting process.  Acquiring more information would be difficult from a distance, especially since [...]

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