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  1. Autumn is Ti Kuan Yin Season

    As stated in an earlier post about Pi Lo Chun, here is another of China’s Big 10 Teas.  Puerh bubbles may rise and burst, and  after White teas, we’ve been hearing about Dark teas, but for pure deliciousness and tea crafting par excellence, Ti Kuan Yins are hard to top. This delicious yet challenging tea [...]

  2. Great Tea, Unwieldy Name

    This teapot shaped cake was dessert for a recent gathering; how could I resist? As some China teas become better known, their original names have entered common usage.  Oolong (“dark dragon”) is one example.  Among those who shop for tea regularly, Ti Kuan Yin (Tie Gwan Yin) and Yin Hao Jasmine are no longer stumbling [...]

  3. Teas Worth the Splurge

    A dollar a cup:  doesn’t seem too much of an indulgence for a good cup of tea at home.  In an earlier post I mentioned a smartly packaged tea that has recently appeared in specialty food stores: a Yin Hao Jasmine of good quality, whole leaf tea in sachets.  Packed 15 bags to a box [...]

  4. Teas Not Taken (Part 4), Tea from Trees

    I ended the 3rd post in this series (a while back) with what I hoped was a tantalizing trailer about tea trees.  As the photo shows, these trees are not especially distinctive to look at, but the flavors coaxed out of their leaves are, in my opinion, some of the best that teas have to [...]

  5. If You Were Stranded on an Island…

    If you had to choose a favorite tea or two or three, which ones would you select? The tea research institutes in China are well established and well respected organizations.  Within agricultural departments at universities in tea producing provinces, there are opportunities for students to specialize in tea, and the networks graduates fomr as they [...]

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