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  1. Autumn is Ti Kuan Yin Season

    As stated in an earlier post about Pi Lo Chun, here is another of China’s Big 10 Teas.  Puerh bubbles may rise and burst, and  after White teas, we’ve been hearing about Dark teas, but for pure deliciousness and tea crafting par excellence, Ti Kuan Yins are hard to top. This delicious yet challenging tea [...]

  2. What happened to traditional TKY Tea?

    When I think of Ti Kuan Yin Oolong, the hills are not the first image that comes to mind.  Beautiful as the landscape is, and daunting for those who pluck the leaves as they negotiate narrow but familiar paths across the hills, the memory that this tea conjures up is that of men at rest.  [...]

  3. Three Truly Memorable Teas

    Gong-fu teasets and accessories (trays, tea stones) are hard to resist, and gifts of tea paraphernalia are always appreciated, such as the set shown above.  I confess, however, that I ought to use the sets more often.  We are already well into a new year, but going by the lunar calendar, there is another new [...]

  4. A Quick Tea Tutorial

    Occasionally someone will send me a tea for matching.  These three that came recently prodded me to write because two of them were clearly labeled as specific grades, and the yet the teas inside clearly were not up to standards indicated on the package. As we are at the cusp of a new year, the [...]

  5. Teas from 2012, A Look Back

    This tisane, named Christmas tea by the manufacturer is a fruit infusion, warmed with cinnamon and cardamom in time for the season. The cup, as you can see, is a cheery red.  Alas, there is no tea in the blend. Looking back over the preceding months, a few teas stand out. The recent arrival of [...]

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