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  1. Another New Year, Tea in Winter

    Lunar New Year came in early February this year. Winter is not a busy time for tea producers. What this time of year makes me think of, in tea terms, is a slow, passive sort of transformation. In places where humidity is high in summer (southeastern China), winters are also damp, and where there is [...]

  2. Tea Roadtrip (Part 4)

    (Part 3: Puer tea factories in Yunnan) Factories such as these were established in or near the cities of Lijiang, Dali, Simao, and Fengqing, situated in areas where terrain, climate, and soil combined as ideal conditions to support tea.  These collection points represented over twenty-five tea producing counties. Our group’s trip took place as Puer [...]

  3. Losing My Way

    I don’t buy many books about tea.  There are a few volumes in the office that I consult, and happily, there are our suppliers to whom I can always address my queries.  If I happen to be at a bookstore, I will browse through the food and beverage section; in most instances tea books tend to [...]

  4. Iced White Teas (Part 3 About Iced Teas)

    (Parts 1 & 2 covered a selection of Black teas, Green, Jasmine, and Oolong teas served cold.) If iced Ready-to-Drink White teas came late to market shelves, manufacturers behind this category have certainly made up for it with the sheer variety of flavors.  Among all the tea categories White tea stands out for the high [...]

  5. At a Dim Sum Meal: Which Tea to Order?

    A recent visit to a new Dim Sum restaurant in Alhambra, CA was an eye-opener:  its sister restaurant happens to be Harbour Seafood (in Rosemead), a place known for its high-end seafood, and the Dim Sum menu did not disappoint.  New and innovative creations (white scallops resting atop rounds of tender beancurd, little shrimp dumplings [...]

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