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  1. More on Tea Accoutrements

    I realized that when I last wrote about miniature teasets used to serve tea gong-fu style, I did not mention a couple of other pieces that may be included in the set — a small pitcher and/or a covered bowl (gai-wan) and saucer. At the end of one tea trip as I was waiting to board [...]

  2. This is the third in a series about Puer teas. As noted in earlier posts, I can remember seeing as early as 2004 Puer cakes with the 5-Ringed Olympic symbol embossed on them in anticipation of the 2008 Beijing Games.  Puer is most often the tea of choice among dim-sum regulars, who select this tea [...]

  3. Bring Your Own Tea (BYOT)

    In earlier posts I have suggested that diners bring their own tea when eating out at a Chinese restaurant so that they may enjoy better quality tea with their meals.  Instead of having the restaurant automatically bring the standard teabag or restaurant grade tea, just hand the tea to your waiter or waitress, and it’s [...]

  4. Using Gongfu Teasets

    It is tempting to buy one of these doll-sized sets.  People interested in tea read about the benefits of Yixing clay pots, and the diminutive size of the pot and cups, all sitting atop a small tray or bowl, sets them apart from standard teasets. Teasets mean sharing, and gongfu sets can inspire a bit [...]

  5. Gong-Fu Teasets

    Many a visitor to China or a shopper in Chinatown has encountered miniature teasets.  Made of clay or porcelain, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that these attractive sets are doll’s sets. These smaller teasets usually comprise a teapot (or a lidded bowl) and four to six tiny cups resting on a dish.  Sometimes [...]

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