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  1. Tainted Teas

    There are probably not many in the retail tea industry who remember that once upon a time, there was a Tea Examiner’s office in the FDA.  The Tea Examiner I knew was Robert Dick, and one of his responsibilities was to collect and taste samples of all the teas imported into this country. As an [...]

  2. Pressing Leaves

    Not embroidery but pressing tea leaves: It is January — a dormant period at tea gardens.  There is work to be done, mostly weeding, and one hopes for a gentler spring in 2011.  This is not a time when my thoughts go to Green teas. and so it was a pleasant surprise to receive in [...]

  3. In the Pantry or in the Fridge?

    I recently (11/6/08) came across tea as the topic under Times Topics in the New York Times, opening with the statement, “Tea is soothing, a quality to be craved in these stressful days.”  No argument here.  A little further down, I read: “In the proper container tea can last up to six months.  But it [...]