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  1. Plain Teabags, Fancy Teabags

    In mid-November the N. American Tea Championship event was focused on Single Serve Teas, so the entries ranged from single and double-chamber teabags, round teabags, instant teas in small packets,  to loose-leaf sachets.  (All identifying tags had been removed prior to brewing.) Asked later to summarize, here are a few observations: 1.  It may come [...]

  2. Teas Cupped on Aug 7

    Some teas are available year round: standard, average priced Chunmee and Gunpowder Green teas, Black Orange Pekoe, middle to low grade Jasmine and Oolong teas are some examples.  Yet even with these teas, samples from an anticipated incoming batch must be tasted.  Cupping is more important when it comes to higher grade teas that are [...]

  3. Tainted Teas

    There are probably not many in the retail tea industry who remember that once upon a time, there was a Tea Examiner’s office in the FDA.  The Tea Examiner I knew was Robert Dick, and one of his responsibilities was to collect and taste samples of all the teas imported into this country. As an [...]

  4. What I Learned from Judging Teas

    Some observations and things I learned from judging a recent tea competition: 1.  Before you submit an entry, taste the tea as close to the send-off date as possible.  This might seem to be common sense, but some of the teas we judges tasted left us wondering why they were deemed competition-worthy. 2. Make sure [...]

  5. What to Serve a Tea Specialist

    Tea exporters from China visiting the U.S. usually depart from Los Angeles, providing us an opportunity to speak face-to-face about the product.  Serving tea is obligatory, of course, and is separate from any tasting.  Deciding on the right tea to share is an enjoyable process.  The obvious choices are teas to which visitors might not [...]

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