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  1. It’s Oolong Season !

    [Apologies for the lag in posting; having some problems uploading photos.] As you have no doubt gleaned by now from my earlier posts, Oolongs are my favorite tea category.  At this time of year when new production of these delectable teas gets underway, a quick primer might be useful.  The scheme outlined below is  a [...]

  2. ShouMei White Tea

    Anyone with the inclination and time to survey teas at the supermarket or specialty store will no doubt  note of the competition that White teas are giving Green teas for shelf space.  The purity and simplicity implicit in the name of this tea category bestow a natural marketability that few products possess. What comes to [...]

  3. The Art of Tea

    …or should it be Tea As Art? There ought to be more places that offer tastings this way: This question was prompted by a series of things: 1) I happened to be editing a tea service menu for an airline, and the original copy opened with a phrase about the “art of tea,” intended, presumably, [...]

  4. How Low Can You Go?

    One mainstay product is restaurant teas. Sold to restaurant suppliers who cater to Chinese restaurants, these are primarily Oolong and Jasmine teas.  Black and Green teas make up a much smaller fraction. Recently, the demand for Jasmine seems to be overtaking Oolong, judging by the changing proportion of the mix in containers we bring in. [...]

  5. In my introduction I mentioned that when I was in Taiwan in the 1970s I spoke with women whose mothers or grandmothers had worked in the tea hills each season.  Tea plucking not only provided a rare wage-earning opportunity for women but also set the stage for young people to socialize away from watchful eyes.  [...]

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