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  1. Tea Tidbits from Recent Tastings

    Earlier this year I was very taken with a “tea” made from young bamboo leaves.  The feathery light, bright green leaves still have me wishing this were a true tea. There is a tea named “Bamboo Leaf Green;” it comes from Sichuan and is an expensive tea. The photo shows why: The neat lines of [...]

  2. Teas Not Taken (Part 5)…Sigh

    Samples of spring teas arriving early to mid-April mean that they were finished at the end of March, with plucking begun a couple of weeks before that. Such early season plucking means wonderful raw material: unopened buds and budsets just starting to sprout. Prices tend to run high for these teas and the window for [...]

  3. In preparing for a presentation about tea quality and value, I needed to gather more teas than those available to me at work.  I was looking for more examples of specific types and grades of a few teas.   This was why I was tea shopping (at retail too), not something I do much of [...]

  4. A Tea Trajectory

    We had been tasting about a dozen or so Oolongs at a tea processing facility in Fujian, and as we were nearing the end of several rounds, a tea grower made a comment that has long stayed with me,  He remarked that people begin with Jasmine, move on to Green teas, then to Oolongs from southern [...]

  5. Silver, White, & Green

    I have often used terms such as “downy” and “fine white hairs” in reference to tippy teas.  With the earliest pluckings from spring, we have a wonderful opportunity to see just what these terms refer to. This soft, feathery effect is most evident in early spring teas: Curiously, in Black teas, downy tips show up [...]

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