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  1. Tea Tidbits from Recent Tastings

    Earlier this year I was very taken with a “tea” made from young bamboo leaves.  The feathery light, bright green leaves still have me wishing this were a true tea. There is a tea named “Bamboo Leaf Green;” it comes from Sichuan and is an expensive tea. The photo shows why: The neat lines of [...]

  2. Confounding Tea Categories

    From about the end of March each year, samples from the new tea season begin to arrive.  Tasting can be rushed, as the numbers grow.  One morning in April I remember my colleague and I tasted 35 Green teas. In some instances, decision-making is just a matter of finding the best tasting tea and best [...]

  3. Silver, Green, & Yellow

    As noted in the previous post, “Silver, Green, & White,” the color of a tea’s dry leaves is not always a reliable guide when it comes to White and Green teas and how to tell them apart.  A White Peony (Bai Mudan) is quite green, while a Green tea named Silver Tips is full of [...]

  4. Yellow Teas

    My standard introductory tea talk often begins by listing the different tea categories.  Hands always go up at the mention of Yellow teas.  People interested enough to attend one of these talks, usually held at trade shows, are already familiar with the basic categories.  The one category that elicits genuine interest from the audience is [...]

  5. Losing My Way

    I don’t buy many books about tea.  There are a few volumes in the office that I consult, and happily, there are our suppliers to whom I can always address my queries.  If I happen to be at a bookstore, I will browse through the food and beverage section; in most instances tea books tend to [...]

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