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  1. Teas Not Taken (Part 4), Tea from Trees

    I ended the 3rd post in this series (a while back) with what I hoped was a tantalizing trailer about tea trees.  As the photo shows, these trees are not especially distinctive to look at, but the flavors coaxed out of their leaves are, in my opinion, some of the best that teas have to [...]

  2. Tea from a Tree

    The last post was about my tea of choice with mooncakes, a Single Trunk Oolong.  There are several varieties but as the name suggests, these are all produced from trees, rather than tea bushes.  At this time of year (autumn), another harvest of fine Oolongs is underway, Single Trunk Oolong included.  Some consider the fall [...]

  3. More on Teas from Trees

    Green teas speak of spring, and although fine Oolongs come in May into June, autumn is a good time to look for another round of exceptional Oolongs.  Single Trunk (Dan Cong) Oolongs are a personal favorite, and I revisit the subject here because of a recent sample that differed significantly from the teas that have [...]